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We are an authorized online distributor of high quality propane equipment since 2003. Propane Outfitters Inc. is a dealer in propane cages and federally registered contractors. We are professionals who have tested and used many of our propane products in our own facilities and in the field.

Our propane cages are the finest in the industry and our prices the best nationally for USA made industrial quality cages. These are not the inferior imported propane cages sold by others. Because of our high shipping volume, we always utilize the best freight or parcel options at the lowest rate. All of our propane gas cages ship assembled.

We supply products to all types and sizes of businesses as well as residential customers. We are federal and state registered contractors in the SAM system working with military bases and federal government facilities, various state and municipality facilities, school and hospital districts. There is no minimum or maximum order quantity. Some of our federal customers include: Department of Homeland Security, Department of Land Management, TSA, US Treasury, FBI and all branches of the Armed Forces. Commercial clients include AirGas, International Paper, Whirlpool, Proctor and Gamble, BP, Kroger Stores, Georgia Pacific, Boeing, Yahoo, Google, Amazon and too many more too list. We strive to provide exceptional service to every individual order.

Our exchange and storage propane cages / cabinets are also used for a variety of applications including Freon refrigerant or any outdoor chemical storage need. They are also used to secure athletic equipment, tools, gasoline cans, construction site and car wash equipment, zoo animals and any purpose that requires secure storage. Our cages are also being used as parcel delivery lockboxes for online purchasing deliveries.

We utilize high-security checkout and processing with the very latest technology. We accept all major cards including government purchase cards and commercial credit cards.

If you have a question about placing an order, tracking an order or have any product question please reach out to us at our Contact Us page anytime


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