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My Approval of Propane Outfitters Inc.

I have been in the steel business for over 30 years. When I needed to upgrade my forklift propane tank cage I thought about making it in the shop myself. When I saw the time and resources I would need I went to the computer and found Propane Outfitters. I had my people buy one fully expecting to receive some flimsy thing to show up half broken that I would need to fix and reinforce myself. I am very happy to say that I received a strong steel propane cylinder cage, made in America that is better than my shop would have taken the time to make. The price was less than I could have ever done it for considering the weld quality and the coating. The labels were all there and correct for my needs. The cage arrived on time in perfect condition, completely put together. I am amazed that the shipping was included in the price. After seeing it, I would have paid more for this product if I had to, but I feel very fortunate that I found and we bought from Propane Outfitters. I called and commended the company owner Michael Nolan for his quality of service and dedication to his customers. I don't mind saying so at all that Mr. Nolan and his corporation are a well-needed return to the type of customer-focused business practices that will make American great again by helping us all succeed in our business endeavors. Thank you, Michael. Simon W. - IN

Thank You for Eight Cylinder Propane Cage

I would like to thank Propane Outfitters for providing us with a great product that arrived quickly. It saved my business a real problem with our inspection. We ordered online and received our propane cage as promised. I know of others who bought the imported cages which rusted out in weeks. Our new aluminum 8 tank cage will clearly last forever and we are proud to buy American. James T.  - Texas

18 tank exchange propane cage

I purchased an 18 tank propane cage from Propane Outfitters last month. I am very happy with the product and the speed of the delivery. The cage came with all of the labels in place and ready for us to start selling gas. Our Amerigas guy was really impressed and said Propane Outfitters was their supplier for propane exchange cages for a long time. Now we are making great sales of propane exchanges and I will be ordering a second cage for this store and for our other location. I like that these are made in the USA and I appreciate the professionalism of Propane Outfitters. I had a bad experience with some pushy guys selling cages online. This website was fast and easy and the product arrived in no time at all. The price was the same as the junk imported cages. Sue. MO

16 Cylinder Aluminum Propane Cage

I have purchased four of the 16 cylinder propane cage from Propane Outfitters in the past year to replace the steel cages I bought just a few years ago from another company. The steel cages from the other company "SBI" appeared to be strong enough initially, but the construction materials did not last at all and the cages began to literally fall apart. I later found out they were an imported product and even the stainless steel hardware was an inferior grade that rusted out. These aluminum propane cages were placed in our facilities in harsh environments and still look and function as great as the day they were delivered. I don't foresee ever needing to replace these. They will have many times the lifespan of the other products. Our service from Propane Outfitters was just as expected with the cages arriving in perfect condition and right on time. I am completely satisfied with the products, prices and great service I received and will continue to purchase from Propane Outfitters. I am happy to give this testimonial and highly recommend Propane Outfitters to everyone.   Kurt W. Newark, New Jersey