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Propane Cylinder Handling Equipment

Our propane cylinder handling equipment covers a variety of useful and innovative ways to ensure your propane cylinders are handled safely and properly. One of the most difficult parts of working with portable propane cylinders is the fact that they are heavy. Each year there are thousands of workplace incidents involving employee injuries due to improper lifting and strains due to propane tanks. We worry about the same issues in our own shops and we have used these devices ourselves. Propane Outfitters Inc. takes your safety most importantly and we offer propane cylinder handling equipment that are safe and efficient for your facilities. If you ever have any questions about our products, please leave us a message on the Contact Us page or just give us a call. Please consider your propane cylinder storage cage requirements and your propane labeling requirements. Propane Outfitters Inc. can provide top quality products for all of your propane handling needs.