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Forklift Propane Cylinder Cages / Cabinets

Forklift Propane Cylinder Cages.
Our website features propane gas cages for safely storing forklift tanks outdoors.  OSHA, NFPA and Fire Marshal inspection requirements are compliant with our propane cages. Our website features steel and aluminum forklift propane storage cages. We make cages for standard 33.5lb forklift propane cylinders and the larger 43.5lb propane cylinders. These outdoor forklift propane storage cages are designed specifically to hold the forklift cylinders horizontally, just as forklift propane cylinders rest on the forklift.  This provides for the safest positioning for the cylinders built in propane safety features. Our forklift propane cylinder cages are made in the USA. Consequently, we have no shipping delays, rust or damage from being shipped across the world from the low-quality Asian manufacturers. Both steel and aluminum cages are available in all sizes; furthermore, at usually the exact same price. If you can find a better price on a similar quality propane cage, just let us know and we will try to match it. Our propane cages quality, prices, and service are typically unmatched.
Our prices on propane cages and all of our propane products include all shipping and handling. 

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