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Propane Tank Exchange Cages "Upright Tanks"

Propane tank exchange cages for 20 pound exchange in retail locations or patio heaters and grills. 

Industrial propane gas security cages for upright tanks from 20lb to 100lb sizes.

Our propane tank cages are all made in the USA in both steel and aluminum in every size at typically the same price for either. Custom size cages by request. Don’t ever settle for an inferior imported cage when you can have a premium quality American made product at the same price or even better. These cages will give you the longest lifespan of any cage on the market, which is just one more of many reasons to buy your propane cages from Propane Outfitters Inc.

These cages are also used in various companies including Proctor and Gamble, several major zoo’s and shops across the country as high security, locking storage cabinets not only for propane but also for tools, electronics, computer securing, various chemicals that need to be secured separately, and the occasional small animals. These cages are strong and completely secure for any high-security storage need.

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