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Steel Propane Storage Cages / Cabinets

Steel Propane Storage Cages
Our steel propane storage cages are designed for high security and durability. These propane cages are made of better materials than the imports to give you or your customers a greater lifespan and a safer cage. Steel can be a consideration in storage cages where a heavier and somewhat stronger metal is desired for security purposes. We also offer the Ultra High Security retail exchange cage for 18 grill tanks that is the strongest cage available on the market. the gas cage features extra steel supports on all sides and an extra heavy padlock shroud on the door. When you need the best in security for your propane cylinders, look to us for your propane cage and high-pressure gas storage cage needs.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about your propane cage purchase by using the Contact Us page or by calling.

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