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SkeeterVac Mosquito Control Devices

SkeeterVac mosquito control. SV5100 and SV3100 plus FineTune Ontenol and TackTrap replacements. This is the finest mosquito control device available. The Blue Rhino SkeeterVac is a proven performer in the fight against biting insects and the diseases they carry like Zika and West Nile virus. They incorporate the newest technology to attract and kill mosquitoes and biting insects. Compared to the competition, the SkeeterVac offers a better price, cordless operation, easier maintenance and more effective, up to date technology to provide the best performance.  The FineTune octenol and TackTrap adhesive visual lures are also available right here. We offer small propane cages to store your extra 20lb tanks for your SkeeterVac. The SkeeterVac is used in both residential and com settings to protect against mosquitoes and biting insects. We offer the best prices anywhere for the Skeetervac and include free shipping in the continental United States. The SkeeterVac has a one year warranty and replacement parts are readily available after the warranty period.

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