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Storage Cabinets / Cages and Shelving

Storage Cabinets / Cages and Shelving are all made in the USA in both steel and aluminum in every size at typically the same price for either. Custom size cabinets by request. Don’t ever settle for an inferior imported cabinet when you can have a premium quality American made product at the same price or even better. These cabinets will give you the longest lifespan of any cabinet on the market, which is just one more of many reasons to buy your cabinets from Propane Outfitters Inc.

Storage cabinets and shelving come in 3 widths: Narrow, standard and wide. They are also offered in three different heights: Small medium and large. All shelving and cabinets come with foot-pads with 13/16 inch mounting holes if you would like to fasten it to the floor.

These cabinets and racks can be used to store heavy items, up to 250lbs per shelf! They are built with a bolt together construction so the shelves are able to be moved to other pre-existing holes for different heights.

Use these cabinets to store sports equipment, tools, spare parts, fire fighting equipment, or miscellaneous items that need a home.

These cabinets are built with robust construction. The body is made from 0.080″ Aluminum and the shelves are 14 gauge galvanized steel so it can take abuse for years to come.

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