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I have been in the steel business for over 30 years. When I needed to upgrade my forklift propane tank cage I thought about making it in the shop myself. When I saw the time and resources I would need I went to the computer and found Propane Outfitters. I had my people buy one fully expecting to receive some flimsy thing to show up half broken that I would need to fix and reinforce myself. I am very happy to say that I received a strong steel propane cylinder cage, made in America that is better than my shop would have taken the time to make. The price was less than I could have ever done it for considering the weld quality and the coating. The labels were all there and correct for my needs. The cage arrived on time in perfect condition, completely put together. I am amazed that the shipping was included in the price.

After seeing it, I would have paid more for this product if I had to, but I feel very fortunate that I found and we bought from Propane Outfitters. I called and commended the company owner Michael Nolan for his quality of service and dedication to his customers. I don’t mind saying so at all that Mr. Nolan and his corporation are a well-needed return to the type of customer-focused business practices that will make American great again by helping us all succeed in our business endeavors. Thank you, Michael.

Simon W. – IN